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EMW manufactures high quality bins and containers for general waste removal. Attention to detail and excellent quality control procedures ensures an extended container life and maximum functionality.

Specialty requirements can be custom designed and added to any of our product lines. Our selection of options provides YOU with the right tools to deal with your unique general waste challenges.


For manual and semi-automated collection systems. With our unique push-to-close latching system, we don't leave it up to the homeowner to remember to re-latch the container. 

Choose the Otto Bear-Saver That's Right for Your Needs: 

A fully secured cart offering the maximum level of protection. Bear-resistant latch, steel reinforced side rails, lid, back corners, back stiffener and handle. 

Our 95 gallon Grizzly Model passed as "Grizzly Bear Resistant" under the interagency Grizzly Bear Committee testing program in West Yellowstone, Montana!



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